12/21 | aNewERA entertainment Interview with Mundane Magazine

aNewERA artist, Maya Behl got the opportunity to be interviewed by Mundane Magazine based in Nashville. In this interview, Maya talks about her story as an artist, her influences and her inspiration behind her past release.

11/20 | aNewERAentertainment Thought Piece – “Traditional African Music for Social Change”

Maya Behl discusses her aNewERA zoom concert fundraiser and the Success of the Sigauque Project in Moozambique in creating social change through musical performance.

10/20 | aNewERAentertainment Thought Piece – “Indian Women Sound Engineers and their Cultural Impact”

Maya Behl reviews Indian women’s cultural contribution through sound engineering.

8/20 | aNewERAentertainment Announcement –“Zoom Concert August 29, 2020”

Join aNewERAentertainment’s Activist Artists for a night of great music.

8/20 | aNewERAentertainment Thought Piece – “Music Therapy”

Maya Behl researches the evidence-based medical benefits that music can have on body and mind.

7/20 | aNewERAentertainment Thought Piece – “Ethnomusicology in Rap Culture”

Maya Behl examines the influence that black female rappers’ lyrics have on society and culture.

7/20 | aNewERAentertainment Thought Piece – “Ethnomusicology in Jazz”

Maya Behl discusses the relevance of Jazz music especially for the social mobility of black female artists.

6/20 | aNewERAentertainment Thought Piece – “Musical Empowerment on Impoverished Central South American Youth”

Maya Behl talks about giving free voice lessons to children who can not afford them and discussing how the children of Caterua (Central South America) have benefited from the Recycled Orchestra.

3/20 | aNewERAentertainment Thought Piece – “Distribution of Music in Latin American Music Culture”

Maya Behl analyzes how digital distribution influenced the spread of Latin American artists music across continents.

11/19 | aNewERAentertainment Thought Piece – “Native American Music in Social Action”

Maya Behl considers the impact of Native American female artists advocating for social change.

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